Stacking Shelf Shelly: Not your average shelf

The fifth move, the fifth floor,… the fifth time carrying those shelves up and down those stairs. Once you are done you have to sort through screws, boards, tools, and then assembly starts. For sure some nuts and bolts will be missing by the end. Common shelves can be a pretty big burden, on you as well as on the environment.

We created our stacking shelf Shelly to solve these issues. Due to its manufacturing material, it is incredibly lightweight – 60% lighter than its wooden equivalent. Assembly is similarly simple. You can just plug all of Shelly’s boards together. Quick and easy, no tools needed.

Renewable materials

Shelly is also a winner ecologically: The material of our stacking shelf – just like all pieces of Papercomb furniture – is made from 100% renewables. It is regionally sourced in Germany and made from recycled and FSC-certified fiber. If you ever feel the need to dispose of a Shelly shelf, it can easily be recycled following principles of the circular economy.

Efficient and distinct

Our shelves are can be used in all sorts of situations, be it in your own private home or in professional work environments. It is a particularly good fit for trade fairs, where time, weight, and efficiency are particularly important. Papercomb furniture is easy to carry and assemble, saving you time and needless effort for transport. Thanks to the honeycomb technology on the inside, Shelly shelf is sturdy and durable. It is up to you, whether you replace our stacking shelves with newer models, recycle them, or use and re-use them for years on end. You can even assemble and re-assemble Shelly in various ways every time you use it.

Various sizes and colors

Papercomb stacking shelves come in different sizes, offering you between 3×3, 3×5, or 5×5 square compartments for storage. Additionaly, you can combine the boards in creative ways into individual forms, e.g. triangular modifications, allowing you to always make the most of your available space, even roof slopes. All of our pieces of furniture come in dull white or classic cardboard brown and of course you can combine both colors within the same shelf. Furthermore, the paper surface is easy to creatively personalize with colors or decals, giving you infinite freedom to make each shelf your very own design.

If you have any further questions regarding our stacking shelves, feel free to get in touch.

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